These Tools Are Made For Walking

Recently, my good friend Elizabeth wrote about The Wonders of Walking and its positive effects on the body, mind, and soul. It always amazes me when I think of all the tools we use to accomplish and enhance the act of walking. Shoes, socks, bags, shopping carts, flashlights, the list goes on. All of these are tools that help make walking safer, more comfortable, and easier. We humans have quite the knack for creating tools to make life easier, better, or both.  That’s what Curated Lyfe is about, finding the right products that can help us lead a better life. We have found and tested some great walking tools, and want to share the love.

One really interesting option that more and more people are gravitating towards is trekking poles.  Sporty, slim and lightweight, there are a multitude of options out there. Decades of research show how beneficial they are and many people use trekking poles while walking as a popular form of exercise known as “Nordic Walking.” Therapists love them for the same reason. Trekking poles allow you to use more of your body when you walk. You get to leverage practically your entire upper body; arms, chest, and back. It is a huge boost for improving balance which is why trekking poles have been a valued tool for anyone walking on rough terrain. Today their benefits are being appreciated by a wider audience.

We have looked at so many of the top brands out there and found the Montem telescoping poles, and the Montem folding poles to be as good as the big brands at a much better price. When considering which of these two styles might be right for you, consider how frequently you would use them.   If you are an occasional user, check out the folding poles as they are easy to bring with you and take out when needed. If you are a more frequent user, you might be better off with the telescoping poles.

Montem Folding Collapsible Hiking/Walking/Trekking Poles – One Pair (2 Poles)

Montem Ultra Strong Hiking/Walking/Trekking Poles – One Pair (2 Poles)

For any who may need a bit more support when walking, we wanted to share another awesome product. Companies are really starting to make some smart products that also look good and that is the case with the EZ Fold-N-Go Walker by Stander. It looks good and folds up into a small packet, great for putting it in the car. My expert guess is that someone at Stander must have looked at those great folding outdoor chairs and a traditional walker and asked the question, “can these two things be combined”? This is one of those products that I wish I had thought of, and I truly love those products. So if you are using a walker now, or feel like you would benefit from the extra support, this is definitely worth looking into.  It is lightweight and has front wheels that swivel but can also be locked in a “straight-ahead” position. Also, take a look at the attachable lights below. They can be attached to a walker, a cane, or just about anything so you can see where you are going in the dark.

Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker – Lightweight Folding & Height Adjustable Adult Travel Walker for Seniors + Locking Swivel Wheels & Pouch – Black Walnut

Lumex LT80W Mobility Light, White

There is a lot out there. Over the years we have found the real gems that we are always recommending to friends and family or using ourselves. We love that we get to share these with you and hope you will share them with others. Be sure to sign up for our email, and like us on Facebook so you see when we post info about our other great finds.