The Gift of Aging

Growing where you’re planted — outside of Haifa, Israel

As I settle in to my fifth decade on this earth — feeling grateful for having made it so far with only minor bumps and bruises — I hear so many of my friends talk about, well, getting older – and it’s usually not with terms of joy. We’ve all heard the clichés – there are too many to list — “age is just a number”, “xx is the new 30”, “you look great for your age”, etc. Perhaps my very least favorite is “getting old sucks”. Really? How is this still a thing?

I believe that getting older is the greatest gift given to each of us every day. Getting older means that, in all likelihood, I am just a little bit smarter, more interesting or more experienced than I was yesterday. Getting older means I have more content to pull from to solve problems, more capacity to listen and learn, and more fodder for jokes. I’ve done more and met more people. I have a better idea of who I am now and who I’d like to become.

The Gift of Clarity

Aging brings both clarity and possibilities we could never imagine when we were younger. It brings a confidence and sense that we actually can or must be in control of writing our own story. We begin to understand the courage, strength and will within each of us. The responsibility of “if not now, when?” starts to distill, sharpen and come into a clearer view. Our roots are stronger and we start to bloom in new ways. We grow where we are planted but we also know we have the strength and understanding to transplant to fresh soil and really reach if we need to. We start to understand — really understand that there will be an end so we best ‘get to it’.

Curated Lyfe

Which brings us to the origins of Curated Lyfe. Our team has spent many years working with various partners to re-design and re-invent the products that make the physical challenges of aging easier, more interesting or more fun. Through those years, our passions grew as we saw what a difference we could make – and what joy we could bring. Finally, we realized that we didn’t need to be dependent on the changing priorities of other partners and we could actually just ‘get to it’ ourselves. And so, we bring you Curated Lyfe. We are just getting started on this leg of the journey – we invite you to come along as we write this story.

The Curated Lyfe Team