Save Time, Gift These, Enjoy The Season

We love connecting with friends and family during the holidays. The season of gift-giving provides us with opportunities to spread a little joy. We have spent a lot of time this year curating the best products for Curated Lyfe, and the holidays is a fun time to curate a little more. Even the person who may “have it all” can still be delighted with a thoughtful gift. Here are some of our favorites that we look forward to gifting this year.

Fun and Healthy

We love getting out and being active. There are some great items that help make healthier habits more fun. We are big fans of the products from Fitbit®, particularly their latest smartwatch, the Versa™. We have done a lot of research into wearables and think that the value of this smart watch cannot be beat. It makes tracking stats fun and easy, it’s waterproof, and the battery lasts for 4 or more days so it can also track your sleep cycles. It can link to any smart phone and be set to receive notifications from a variety of apps. All of this and much more makes it a great value.

If you are looking for something simple but super important, take a look at the que Bottle®. We all know we should be drinking plenty of water every day. Here is a fun way to do just that, reduce the waste from single-use bottles, and it collapses to a convenient size to take anywhere. We love the bright colors too! It’s a great gift for everyone on your list.


A smart and fashionable way to track your all-day activity.


Stay hydrated with these fun and collapsible BPA-free travel bottles.

Sleep Right

Everyone can benefit from the gift of better sleep. Studies continue to highlight the impact of sleep on long term health. We have great suggestions for promoting a healthier sleep environment. Marpac makes the best products when it comes to creating a soothing white noise that covers distracting sounds.  The classic Dohm Elite is an updated look to their most popular product. It uses a mechanical fan to create a surprisingly pleasing white noise. The Dohm Connect makes the same sounds but adds the ability to operate it from a smart phone or tablet. If you want more options, the Dohm Whish offers a variety of sounds from nature in addition to the classic white noise. All of these are designed by Michael Graves Design, and provide a little something for everyone to help find their way to dreamland!


A Michael Graves Design update to the classic white noise sound machine.


This sound machine from Marpac has 16 sounds to choose from. A Michael Graves Design!

Great Kitchen Tools

The kitchen is the heart of the home and full of potential when it comes to gift giving. As you probably know by now, creating in the kitchen is one of our favorite pastimes. There are so many great items we have found that will make your loved one smile. The iconic design from Michael Graves, the 9093 Whistling Bird Teakettle made by Alessi is sure to impress anyone, and look great on every stove. The shape is specially designed to help water boil faster, and the whistle is in the shape of a whimsical bird. There is a 30th anniversary edition available as well which features a dragon on the whistle! Another item we absolutely love is the Breville® Smart Oven. This toaster oven is easy to use and has various settings from toasting to baking and broiling. We also love that it looks great on the counter.

Looking for a stocking stuffer or two? Try the wonderful EVO Oil Sprayer (another Michael Graves Design) or the fantastic Joseph Joseph® Colander Spoon. Both are smart tools we find ourselves using almost everyday.


30th Anniversary Edition of the famous Michael Graves Tea Kettle with a limited edition Dragon on the whistle.


A game-changer in the kitchen. We wouldn't give ours up for anything!


A controlled spray of oil with no chemical propellants!

Creative Spirit

Looking for a gift that will tap into that creative side? For many, coloring books for adults have become a favorite way to relax and unplug. We found a great one! We are big fans of Advanced Style, Ari Seth Cohen’s ode to confidence, style and lives lived well.  His book features a collection of amazing people, some of whom are also featured on the Advanced Style blog.   Because of this, we were so happy to see these incredible people also captured in a coloring book, very fun. Looking for a great set of colored pencils to go with it? We have you covered there too. Our friends at Princeton Architectural Press have released a fabulous colored pencil set based on the palette of Michael Graves. These are getting rave reviews.


Advanced Style is an ode to the confidence, beauty, and fashion that can only be achieved through the experience of a life lived glamorously.


The incredible women of Advanced Style are now in a coloring book for adults!


Colored pencils based on the personal color palette of legendary architect and designer Michael Graves.

Tech Support

Since technology is such an integral part of our daily lives, we have some great suggestions for gifts that are fun, smart, and fit a range of budgets. Apple® has just refreshed their iPad line so now is a great time to buy or upgrade. We love our iPads and use them for all sorts of daily tasks, from reading the news on the big beautiful screen, taking care of emails, taking notes, and even sketching out our latest ideas. It really is a magical device and there are several great options. If you want the biggest screen and the fastest processor, the new iPad Pro is for you. The classic iPad has been refreshed as well and you will love how portable it is. If you are looking for a great gift for the avid reader in your life, look no further than the Kindle Paperwhite. The crisp white screen is easy to see, even in bright sunlight. One of the features we love is being able to adjust the text size to fit our comfort level. You can bring your books wherever you go in this small, lightweight device. The latest model is waterproof too. Poolside reading anybody?


The Paperwhite Kindle is easy to read and lets you bring all your favorite books with you!


The 2018 9.7" iPad is an amazing device that keeps you connected and so much more.


The new 2018 11" iPad Pro has a bigger screen and more power than iPad.

Another item we have fallen in love with is this adorable Bluetooth® speaker from JBL, the Clip 3. It is waterproof and produces some pretty fantastic sound for it’s small size. It can be used as a speakerphone, has an integrated carabiner clip, and 10 hours of battery life. If you want a slightly bigger (but still small and portable) and better sounding option, go for the Flip 4 also by JBL. We recently brought this along on a trip to Scotland and loved being able to listen to music wherever we went, including in the rental car without having to try and connect the phone to the car’s system.


Portable, waterproof, and great sounding Bluetooth speaker.

We have found that longer charging cables save us a ton of bending and reaching. Anker® makes some high quality, great looking cables. To complete the solution and make sure the cable stays put, we have selected two different cable clip solutions, one for multiple cables, the other for singles. These keep cables organized, and off the floor. Another handy solution for bringing the power to you is this compact power strip loaded with outlets and USB ports. This will get anyone and everyone charged up.


Keep your cables organized, and your surfaces tangle-free with these cable clips. Attaches to anything!

So there you have it. Remember to share the most important gift this year, which is joy and togetherness. Make time to connect and make the most of every moment. Happy Holidays from all of us at Curated Lyfe.