Sabi Shake flip-top Pill Dispenser

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Flip-up/flip-down pill bottle lid easy is on hands and wrists.

The Sabi SHAKE shake-and-take pill dispenser is a safe way to easily dispense medications and prevent contamination. An ideal dispenser for people with arthritis, the lid is easy to open and close securely. Simply shake your pill or pills into the top and slide dosage into your hand. The rest of your medication stays safely inside the dispenser, free from handling. A rotary expiration date dial completes the dispenser so that you’ll never have to worry about pills going bad.
Germ-free no-turn-top pill bottle dispenses one pill at a time
Pill bottle contains and dispense pills of all shapes and sizes; corked opening ensures containment during travel
Flip-up/flip-down pill bottle lid easy on hands and wrists; no twisting or turning
Lockable expiration month dial on inner lid of pill bottle
BPA-free; easily hand-washable