madesmart 95-18116-12 Elevated Sink Tray

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Keep your counter dry and organized.

After the chaos of the day settles, you start reconnecting to the place that matters-your home. You find a sense of accomplishment putting your space back together. As the warm sudsy water washes each dish, you cleanse the worries of the day away. We bring you back to Zen serenity with the made smart sink ware collection. Each of the beautiful, efficient designs keep your kitchen sink area tidy and ready for a new day.
The madesmart Elevated Sink Tray gives your soap and sponge a home.
The raised surface allows for your sponge to dry properly while the flat surface gives your soap a steady resting surface.
The non-slip, elevated feet keeps the tray from slipping and helps to protect your counter from soap scum.
Made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic
Dimensions: 9.66 x 3.84 x 0.88 in (24.53 x 9.76 x 2.22 cm)