BUZZAROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter Green, 18-Inch Seat

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Stands out in a sea of scooters for its clean lines, big wheels, and tool-free assembly.

The Buzzaround EX offers more standard features to make your riding experience better than ever. Featuring a wraparound Delta Tiller, a new LED battery gauge, a wireless U1 battery, and a new ultra bright LED angle-adjustable headlight, the new Buzzaround EX is also longer to offer more footroom, with a great turning radius. The Buzzaround EX disassembles in seconds with just 4 easy steps making transporting it from one destination to another a breeze!
Extended, 18 mile drive range
Max speed of 5 mph
Front and rear suspension
Stadium-style height-adjustable seat





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