6 Pk Credit Card Fresnel Lens Pocket Magnifier Ruler Emergency Solar Fire Starter -Compact Plastic Magnifying Glass for EDC Home Office Classroom Hobbies & Outdoor Survival Bushcraft

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Super-compact magnifier fits in your wallet.

This Fresnel lens made of PVC plastic is extremely thin, flexible and shatter proof. The approximate size is 3.25″x2.25″ and slightly thinner than a credit card making them the perfect EDC or Every Day Carry item so you can always have one with you when you need it. It’s just like having a backup pair of reading glasses or magnifying glass with you at all times, and with 6 per pack you’ll have plenty to share with friends or keep in multiple locations for quick access. In the office they’re great for viewing the small print on spreadsheets and documents. At home they’re great for reading the tiny print on medication bottles and ingredient labels on food packaging. Read menus in dimly lit restaurants with ease or keep one in your favorite book as a bookmark. Great for kids in the classroom or outdoors to explore nature. Keep one in your first aid kit so you’ll be able to see those tiny hard to get splinters. The ruler comes in handy with hobbies and crafts or anything where a large ruler isn’t needed. With practice these can be used to start a fire on a sunny day. Keep one in your fire kit and conserve waterproof matches or your firesteel, an essential bushcraft item for your bug out bag or emergency preparedness supplies.
MAGNIFICATION UP TO 4X – Great for reading menus in low light, viewing office spreadsheets and documents, reading ingredient labels in the market or viewing small objects associated with hobbies arts and crafts . Gives your vision an extra boost when you need it.
RULER – A 3 inch Standard and 7.5 centimeter Metric ruler printed along the edges makes measuring smaller jobs quick and easy when a larger ruler just isn’t needed. The ruler is a great tool for measuring distance on maps as well.
FIRE STARTER – With direct sunlight you can use this fresnel lens to start a solar fire while camping or during emergencies. This is a skill that requires basic fire building knowledge and proper tinder preparation, with practice a fire can be accomplished in less than a minute. Makes a great item to have in your fire kit along with a firesteel waterproof matches tinder etc. A wilderness survival essential for bushcraft
COMPACT – Thin, extremely light and flexible enough to fit in your wallet, purse, backpack, first aid kit or bugout bag. Keep one handy in multiple locations for quick use.
HIGHLY VISIBLE PROTECTIVE CASE – Each lens comes with its own brightly colored protective pouch so it’s easy to find when you need it, and with 6 per pack you can keep them in several locations and still have some left over to share with friends.




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