Save your bending for yoga with this stand-up weeder. Removes weeds at the roots.


Favorite garden gloves in a variety of colors.


These are game-changers. Turn your lace-up shoes into slip-ons. Super easy.


We love this towel bar that does double duty as a grab bar.


A simple, elegant solution.


A clever shelf with an integrated grab bar.


A clean and simple grab bar that covers a lot of area.


Teak is naturally moisture resistant and naturally beautiful!


We love what melamine has become.  Wonderful designs and dishwasher safe!


A great handheld shower head with an on/off switch and it attaches and detaches magnetically.


A simple tool that's easy to install -- makes getting up from the car safe and comfortable.


A great solution for blind-spots that clips onto your rear-view mirror.


Let there be light - right where you need it. Clever precision tweezers.


Heavy duty toenails clippers to get the job done!


Comfortable and adjustable. Angled seat makes sitting and standing that much easier.


No more fumbling with keys. Customizable access codes for enhanced security.


Basic, wonderful Ring lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or PC!


A favorite Swedish brand. Safe and adjustable. Fits well in a corner!


Height-adjustable with a removable arm rest for easy entry into a soothing bath.


Put a good grip where you need it. Great for travel!


Handheld shower head with extra safety features.


A nice, sturdy platform to boost chairs and recliners by 3".


Smart risers to make your chairs just a bit taller.


Soft, gentle terry cloth pouches to hold that slippery soap.


Quiet close cover with built in night-light.


Easy conversion to comfort height.


Comfort and convenience on the go.


A flashlight is one of those key essentials, and this is a great one!


Stands out in a sea of scooters for its clean lines, big wheels, and tool-free assembly.


A cool solution that converts from walker to transport chair.


The best headlamp to give you hands-free light in the dark for any task or adventure!


Chop and drop - directly into a dish. No muss, no fuss!


Compact and lightweight - perfect for travel or an every day outing.


A game-changer in the kitchen. We wouldn't give ours up for anything!


So smart - multi-purpose bowl with a built-in colander.


A safe, accurate and easy-to-use pill cutter, crusher and grinder in one.


Colorful poufs that hold a bar of soap to turn your shower into a spa!


A beautiful teak shower seat that mounts to the wall. Folds up flat when not in use.


High-quality, attractive mat that fights fatigue while standing. No more aching feet!


Don't let an foot injury slow you down -- keep moving with this great knee scooter.


A mobility scooter that looks like no other.  Fun and super sporty.


Lots of protection that attaches to any tubular structure.


How smart is this? Fits on larger containers to make dispensing a breeze.


Memory foam that's soft on the feet and grips the floor.


Memory foam that's soft on the feet and grips the floor.


Leave no jar unopened!


This classic jar opener never goes out of style!


They may not look like much but these are great little risers to give your bed a lift!


Work smarter, not harder with this great rolling cart.  Folds when not in use.


What's better than stemless wineglasses? Shatter-proof ones!


Ample space for multiple medicines, reminder alarm and color-coded tracking system.


Quick drying memory foam that's soft on the feet and grips the floor.


Mount grab bars and other items directly to drywall with this clever mounting solution.


Easy to install - put light wherever you need it!


This light attachment is a bright idea!


Linear drains create barrier-free showers.


An extra speaker for your Ring doorbell.


Keep an eye on your home and property with this great camera from Ring.


A great compact design perfect for many staircases.


Easy-to-use scissors with a covered blade for safety.


Stop wrestling with packages and plastics wrapping with the safe, multi-purpose tool.


Great way to prevent trip hazards ... and it won't ruin your beautiful rugs.


Easy-to-install on either side of the bed - or both!  Integrated storage pouch.


Elegant, award winning design uses real black walnut wood.


Tons of great colors and patterns available.


Stable support for mixing bowls or use as a double boiler!


Deceptively simple. These sleek little covers prevent accidental stove turn-ons!


One tool with many functions - makes dressing so much easier.


Lightweight, convenient tool for personal safety.


much easier than opening the hood to jump your car.


No-slip grip and easy installation.


Stand assist device that's soft and comfortable.


Full grip for arthritic hands.


Great wheelchair that rolls on sand and floats in water -- with its own transport cart.


Sturdy threshold ramp in a variety of sizes.  Easy to install.


Sturdy, lightweight solution -- weight limit of 800 pounds.