Fiskars makes wonderful tools, this is ideal for cutting stems and light branches.


Save your bending for yoga with this stand-up weeder. Removes weeds at the roots.


Favorite garden gloves in a variety of colors.


Highly-rated Insoles for intermediate support and long lasting comfort.


These are game-changers. Turn your lace-up shoes into slip-ons. Super easy.


We love this towel bar that does double duty as a grab bar.


Very smart tissue holder that also functions as a grab bar.


A simple, elegant solution.


A clever shelf with an integrated grab bar.


A great handheld shower head with an on/off switch and it attaches and detaches magnetically.


Great back support for sitting and driving.


Turn your shower on with the push of a button.


Contoured shape, gel fibers and pressure-free support for comfortable seating.


A favorite Swedish brand. Safe and adjustable. Fits well in a corner!


Height-adjustable with a removable arm rest for easy entry into a soothing bath.


Handheld shower head with extra safety features.


A nice, sturdy platform to boost chairs and recliners by 3".


A favorite long-handled lotion applicator.


Discreet self-assist toilet aid for those with limited motion.


Stands out in a sea of scooters for its clean lines, big wheels, and tool-free assembly.


A cool solution that converts from walker to transport chair.


We love Full Circle products like this great grout brush.


Extendable brush with a quick twist. No more climbing or crouching.


Scrub your tiles without getting on your hands and knees.


Take care of your tootsies with this great long-handled brush.


A favorite for lotion application.


Compact and lightweight - perfect for travel or an every day outing.


Easy chopping - and dishwasher safe!


A beautiful teak shower seat that mounts to the wall. Folds up flat when not in use.


Don't let an foot injury slow you down -- keep moving with this great knee scooter.


A mobility scooter that looks like no other.  Fun and super sporty.


Fiskars makes great, easy to handle scissors.


A great tool for those hard to reach places!


A clutter-free shower and your products at your fingertips.


A clutter-free shower and your products at your fingertips.


A clutter-free shower and your products at your fingertips.


How smart is this? Fits on larger containers to make dispensing a breeze.


Leave no jar unopened!


This classic jar opener never goes out of style!


Long handled grooming is great solution for those with limited reach.


Long handled grooming is great solution for those with limited reach.


A garden seat? Rolling garden tool bucket? A beverage holder? Yes! All of the above. Love it!


What's better than stemless wineglasses? Shatter-proof ones!


Elegant and slim toilet brush with caddy designed by Michael Graves.


Elegant and slim toilet plunger with take-along caddy designed by Michael Graves.


Linear drains create barrier-free showers.


A great compact design perfect for many staircases.


Gorgeous, elegant long-handled shoehorn. Would make a beautiful gift.


Easy-to-use scissors with a covered blade for safety.


Stop wrestling with packages and plastics wrapping with the safe, multi-purpose tool.


Elegant, award winning design uses real black walnut wood.


Tons of great colors and patterns available.


Stable support for mixing bowls or use as a double boiler!


One tool with many functions - makes dressing so much easier.


No-slip grip and easy installation.


Handy little add-ons to make lamp switches a lot more friendly.


Full grip for arthritic hands.


Sweep up messes without bending. The broom extends too!