Access & Mobility

Go where you want to go.

Differences in mobility abilities shouldn’t be a barrier to living the life you want to live. For balance, strength and overall wellness -- both physical and emotional --  we need to keep moving. We’ve all heard the saying “use it or lose it” and there is a lot of science to back that up. We’ve worked in this area for many years and these are some of our favorites. Onward!

A beautiful, light-weight rolling cart to tote just about anything.


Stands out in a sea of scooters for its clean lines, big wheels, and tool-free assembly.


A cool solution that converts from walker to transport chair.


Compact and lightweight - perfect for travel or an every day outing.


Don't let an foot injury slow you down -- keep moving with this great knee scooter.


Lots of protection that attaches to any tubular structure.


A great compact design perfect for many staircases.


Elegant, award winning design uses real black walnut wood.


Tons of great colors and patterns available.


Great wheelchair that rolls on sand and floats in water -- with its own transport cart.


Sturdy threshold ramp in a variety of sizes.  Easy to install.


Sturdy, lightweight solution -- weight limit of 800 pounds.