Bathroom Hardware & Fixtures

Great hardware and fixtures can make all the difference for a safe and beautiful bathroom.

At Michael Graves Design we have always focused on amazing ways to transform bathrooms to make them more beautiful. Whether it is a complete renovation or the addition of simple, well-designed fixtures, the bathroom should be a place of safety and comfort for everyone.

We love this towel bar that does double duty as a grab bar.


Very smart tissue holder that also functions as a grab bar.


A simple, elegant solution.


A clever shelf with an integrated grab bar.


A clean and simple grab bar that covers a lot of area.


A great handheld shower head with an on/off switch and it attaches and detaches magnetically.


A simple, classic faucet for your bathroom. Single lever is easy to use for everyone.


Turn your shower on with the push of a button.


HI-tech, smart home shower solution. Talk about a spa experience!


A beautiful teak shower seat that mounts to the wall. Folds up flat when not in use.


Mount grab bars and other items directly to drywall with this clever mounting solution.


An elegant, easy to use 4.5" drawer pull. Looks great with many bathroom styles.


An elegant, easy to use 6.25" drawer pull. Looks great with many bathroom styles.


The "banker pull" is a timeless, and easy to grip piece that fits any cabinet style.


Linear drains create barrier-free showers.