Kitchen Go-to-Gadgets

Cooking and creating in the kitchen is one of our favorite pastimes. I love doing it alone, with my wife, or with friends and family. We also love finding great tools to make the job better and more enjoyable. We look for ways to streamline the process by reducing the number of tools we use (and therefore must clean). We search out the new and improved ways of chopping, gripping, prepping and serving. We look for objects that bring a smile to our face because of the character they bring to our kitchen.

Cooking and baking can be a big stress reliever, and I can really lose myself in the process as a great way of being mindful of the moment. I still love to simplify tasks though, so if I find a smart new item that makes a task quicker or easier I am all for it. Here are a few items we have tested to the point of them becoming staples of our very own kitchens. They fit our mission at Curated Lyfe, and that is finding items that are great for everyone.

Jenaluca Herb Scissors

First up today, the “herb scissors” made by Jenaluca. If you are looking for a comfortable way to cut and like the idea of working faster, these are for you. While I love the idea of cutting herbs like a pro on a cutting board with a fancy knife pretending I am the next Iron Chef, these are just a tremendous short-cut (pun fully intended). For anyone with arthritis or challenges gripping cutlery, take special note of this great solution.

Jenaluca Herb Scissors – Heavy Duty 5 Blade Kitchen Shears with Safety Cover

Joseph Joseph Prep & Serve Multi-Function Bowl with Integrated Colander

Another “aha” moment I want to share is Joseph Joseph’s multi-purpose bowl with built-in colander. That’s right, I said built-in colander. If there is one thing I can always get behind it is having one less dirty item in my sink. The brilliant folks at Joseph Joseph found a way to add the colander to the bowl, so when it is time to strain and drain you are ready to go. What makes it even better is that it is so simple and elegant looking. I also love the pop of color it brings to the countertop when I am concocting deliciousness.

Joseph Joseph 40063 Prep & Serve Multi-Function Bowl with Integrated Colander, Large, Green

EVO Oil Sprayer

The other item I want to share that greatly simplifies a task is near and dear to me. It is a product we helped create. We use oil for all sorts of things when cooking or baking, it’s a kitchen necessity. The easiest and most convenient way to do this was using spray cans, although I didn’t feel great about the chemicals they used inside of these. The oil sprayers on the market from companies like Misto sounded like a great idea but required a lot of pumping for minimal amounts of sprayed oil. To get around this the brains behind the EVO oil sprayer found a way to spray oils through a trigger-spray head. One pull of the comfortable, easy-to-grip trigger creates a fine-misted fan of oil. So easy and simple. The other great thing about it is you can use it for ANY kind of oil. Spray your food with olive oil, spray your baking sheet with vegetable oil, the choice is yours. Each spray releases exactly 1/4 of a teaspoon, making it easy to track. To top it all off the design is stunning and it looks great in any style kitchen. This item will definitely up your oil game!

Evo Oil Sprayer Bottle, Non-Aerosol for Olive Oil and Cooking Oils, 18-ounce Capacity

There are so many more to share, and we will in future posts. In the meantime, check out the items above and browse through our curated collection of Great Kitchen Tools on your own.  Just like great food, great design is meant to be shared. Thanks for reading!